General Information

Field: TBA
Dates: Late February-Mid April
8 games guaranteed
Game Days:Tuesday and Wednesday- GIRLS
Thursday- BOYS
Game Times: TBA
Game play: Thursday: 2×25 min halves | 5 min half-time
Field Size: Small-Sided

• Players on field: Four(4) field players plus one(1) goalkeeper at once. 2007 and 2008 Divisions will play 6v6, five(5) field players plus one(1) goalkeeper at once.
• A minimum of Four(4) players are required to start the game. One of those four must be a goalkeeper. Teams have a 5 minute grace period after the scheduled time to field at least 4 players. If a team cannot field 4 players, they automatically lose the game by a score of 1-0.
• If a team forfeits two games, they will be removed from the league and lose their $200 deposit. They will lose all remaining scheduled games by a score of 1-0.
• No heading(2007 & 2008) – No stoppage of play or change of possession if heading occurs.
• No offsides
• Game restarts from center circle after each goal.
• Substitutions can be made anytime on the fly from the side where the teams are.
• Kick-ins not throw-ins
• Kick-ins are indirect except corners and opposing team must give 5yd radius of space to restart play.
• There are no goal kicks. The keeper starts with the ball in their hands and can only throw the ball.
• Keepers cannot punt the ball nor do drop kicks. (throw, roll, or set down and play with feet is acceptable)
• Any foul is a direct kick. 5yd radius must be given.
• Any foul in the attacking penalty area is taken from the penalty spot(top of box).
• Keepers can’t use hands if ball is passed back directly from a teammate.
• 2006, 2004 and High School divisions will play with size 5 ball.
• 2008 and 2007 divisions will play with size 4 ball.

• 5-12 players per team, only coaches and subs can be in designated team areas.
• League will provide game cards to referee. Coaches must sign rosters after each game.
• Players on each team must wear same color uniform, goalkeepers must wear different color. Home team wears white (light), Away team wears dark.
• Numbers are not required on uniforms.
• Players can ONLY play on one team, even if teams are affiliated.
• Younger players can play up, olders cannot play down.
• Age Divisions shall be comprised of players who are born on the first (1st) day of January or thereafter in that calendar year:
2008 Birth Year
2007 Birth Year
2006 Birth Year
2005 Birth Year
2004 Birth Year
High School- any player currently in high school

• Straight red cards carry a one game suspension.
• Two yellows mean a player has to sit out the rest of that game, not the next.
• Any severe misconduct from players, coaches or spectators will be reviewed by head referee and league director.

Coaches are required to register with Sol Soccer Club
Coaches are required to hold a coaching license from an accredited association such as: AYSO, CIF, United Coaches Association or USSF.
Coaches who do not hold a coaching license must obtain a minimum USSF Grassroots online certification or United Coaches Grassroot Certification

Weather / Reschedules
• If one half or more is played, games will not be made up and score will be final. If games are cancelled before kick-off they will not be rescheduled.

Game day:
• All games must begin on time. Please arrive with plenty of time to check-in and warm-up.
• All rosters should be up to date on league website by 12:00 PM on game day for girls to be available to play on that day. No write-ins on game days.
• Only coaches and players will be allowed in bench area.
• League will provide game balls.

Deposit: There is a $200 deposit for all participating teams. All deposits are due on the day of first game. Deposits will be returned at the end of the season if team is in good standing with league.

Standings: 3 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss

Awards: Awards will be given to first and second place teams in each division. Award will be given to the top scorer and the team with the least amount of goals against in each division. A Goal Five Individual award will be given to 1 player in each age bracket that demonstrates Tenacity (work ethic), Leadership, Integrity (Sportsmanship), Resilience (Bounces back from challenges), and Team Spirit (Camaraderie).